letter to the editor

Not intimidated

Posted:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017 - 8:15am

Dear Editor:

On Thursday evening, Dec. 7, I was standing outside my shop at 55 Main Street listening to the brass band playing Christmas carols. Two men entered my front door. I followed them in. They asked if I was the owner. I said “Yes.” They told me that they could be very good buyers. But because of my sign outside “Save Our Storefront Parking,” they would never buy anything from me and would discourage all their friends from ever buying anything from my shop. They obviously wanted an argument. I just smiled and remained quiet. They left.

I found out later that they continued around town trying to bully and intimidate other business owners. In 31 years of having a year-round open shop in Bath, Woolwich and Wiscasset, I have never had anyone come in and threaten my livelihood and my efforts to provide for my family. Is there anything selfish or mean-spirited about our signs? They are respectful and seek to express our worries and fears when confronted with the probable lessening of our ability to make a living.

All of the businesses in Wiscasset’s downtown work very hard to make a living. That is the Maine way. We, as Mainers, take extra jobs, work very long hours, and even travel out of state to sell our wares. We do whatever it takes to keep our heads above water.

If you trust and believe in the MDOT and its claims of solving the traffic problems this way, I can understand why you would call us merchants selfish troublemakers. But if you believe the MDOT’s plans won’t change the traffic very much and could possibly make things worse … I hope that you will speak out and defend Mainer’s rights.

Please have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Matthew Robinson