From the editor

Not on purpose

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 9:00am

It's that time of year again ... when the news hole shrinks but the news, columns, press releases, photos and more come flooding in.

It actually started last week when we weren't able to find printed space for some columns and articles – about a dozen all told.

We are gaining on our advertising – thank you to our supporters – but not at a pace to warrant printing more pages. Also, this week and last, we felt it necessary to honor our high school graduating classes with the special sections – as well as on the editorial and education pages. We highly support education and if we failed to cover the celebrations and accomplishments, we would hear about it.

We either get calls or emails asking why such-and-such didn't get published. It's not that we do it on purpose; it's a matter of economics. We, like any business, do our best to remain solvent by making the right choices as far as spending is concerned. We love our communities and try to do everything we can to highlight what's going on. See Joe Gelarden's column this week – he is right.

That's where our websites come in. We are not limited on space there, so we can do just about anything to get the news out to our readers. We publish huge photo galleries, breaking news, maps and additional information with PDF files, videos and more. We have provided much more information on our websites than what we could fit in our weekly print editions.

Yes, there are readers who don't visit our websites, those who love to grab the broadsheet each Wednesday night or Thursday morning and read about what's going on in our communities. But I just want our readers to know that we are on your side, so if you missed it in the paper, you can likely find it online.