letter to the editor

Now is the time to be kind

Posted:  Monday, September 4, 2017 - 5:00pm

Dear Editor:

When hurricanes hit the land there is no justice, no difference in what it takes as it takes everything in its path. Every culture, religion, gender, and age drown in the same manner. It destroys buildings and business irrespective of the dollar values, or beauty of structures. It takes many animals and food supplies with it and destroys critical water supplies.

This country moved from a Charlottesville weekend filled with emotional distaste that leaders reported three groups filled with hate neglecting the one group arriving to provide much needed love. We had yet to recover from those mixed emotions when hurricane Harvey placed a major climate crisis on our door step.

In spite of the tears shed by victims and families, people are opening up rescue centers and using their own resources to rescue and feed victims in need. Amazingly people on the other side of the Mexican border were coming over to help rescue families and find places where they could be safe. Muslim mosques opened their doors to victims, becoming safe havens for many. Mosque members worked full time to take care of the many victims, including spending their own money to buy milk and diapers for babies and food and medicine for others. Businesses also opened their doors and likewise scrambled to serve. More concerns arose over toxic waste sites flooding and carrying pollution in the waters. EPA has yet to investigate or make a definitive determination.

I remember the many Pinocchio stories that drove home what is right and wrong. It was never right to bring harm to others, but always right to care for those in need. When others are harmed by major storms we are all shedding tears for the pain and suffering of our neighbors. We do not control the wind, but we can control our response by not dumping any more harm on our neighbors and improving our air quality.

As we remember this could happen to us, we know that now is the time to be kind.

Jarryl Larson