From the assistant editor

One more step

Wed, 04/13/2022 - 8:45am

I was excited to see St. Philip’s Strawberry Festival is back, one of the last local annual events to return, at last, as the pandemic wears on and hopefully keeps wearing itself out. 

As announced in this week’s print edition and at, this year’s festival will be on the modest side and, weather permitting, much will be outside to aid social distancing. You remember social distancing? The thing we had never heard of pre-pandemic and, these days, some appear to consider a thing of the past? It’s a nice thought, and we’re getting there, but a race can be lost by easing up after seeing the distance one is ahead. Plus, what’s wrong with being far enough apart from acquaintances to not catch a cold or anything else?

As I age, I don’t like being sick any better than when I was younger – maybe even less. Kudos to St. Philip’s for bringing back the beloved festival, and keeping an eye toward volunteers’ and guests’ safety.

May the sun shine on Hodge Street June 25 as this tradition at an old Wiscasset church rejoins the summer lineup and helps bring Wiscasset and Wiscasset’s fans a full summer experience.

Week’s (other) positive parting thought: Way to go, Alna Volunteer Fire Department, for its active Facebook page, letting people know where to avoid some road accidents this past winter and imparting safety tips like the one it recently shared from Gorham Fire Department. The posts warn against leaving devices charging on a bed or couch, due to a chance of fire like one the Gorham department just handled.