’Round Town

Plan change

Posted:  Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 11:00am

I was all set with my “Register” adventure for this week and brewing my second cup of Vallejo coffee, produced by our friend Cris, of California. His coffee is terrific.

As my dollup of raw honey properly dissolved in the morning joe, I recalled, for some unknown reason, that I had been asked to refill the bird feeder. My coffee steeped. Opening the back door of the barn, with an open sack of some song bird mix in hand, I was surprised and delighted to see the new snow that had arrived during the night. The snow coated everything creating a fairyland effect. The sun was just starting to break through the clouds. Increasing temperature would bring melting quickly.

Change of plans! The birds can wait.

I warmed up the car and dusted off as much snow as I could, gathered up some camera gear, and forgot my coffee.

Visions of sugar plums danced in my head as I began to anticipate the path I would follow around the region, checking favorite spots for anticipated vistas.

Hendricks Head seemed like a good first stop, but on my way down the Beach road, a side glance revealed today's offering, from the north end of Cozy Harbor.

I bounced down unplowed (some private) roads shuffling cameras and lenses for better views and angles. In so doing I noticed one camera was overexposing, that is, making my images too light. In my haste to switch from the camera setting “aperture priority” to “manual,” I had inadvertently reset exposure compensation making everything a stop and a half brighter. Ugh! These new electronic cameras still mess with me sometimes. I set that camera aside and blamed the absence of coffee.

Time to feed the birds.

**A side note: Please watch out for hidden ice! Despite warming temperatures its still out there. Be careful