Prepping for Prom 2019

Fri, 05/10/2019 - 7:45am

“Prepping for Prom” is an annual event sponsored by Wiscasset Middle High School's high school student council. This year it happened April 4. The event offered high school students the opportunity to pick prom gowns and men’s suits (added this year) plus shoes and accessories. Students could have manicures and get their hair styled.

Many students look forward to this event every year, as it signals that prom is close by. This year's is Saturday, May 18. The junior class’s prom planning committee has been hard at work to make it a success. When asked what she is looking forward to most, junior Cara Viele said: “I’m really excited about the location, Maine Maritime Museum, because it’s really beautiful and right on the water, and we also lowered ticket prices this year so we’re hoping to see more faces there.”

Junior Maria West, also on the prom planning committee, said: “The junior class has been working on planning this prom for a year now! This year we lowered ticket prices to ensure that everyone who wants to go, can! We are all very excited ...”

It is also a very exciting time for freshmen as it will be the first prom they have attended. Freshman Jasmine Rego said: “I am very excited to attend my first prom. I’m looking forward to getting to see everyone dressed up and experiencing the magical night with my friends.”

In addition to students being able to choose dresses and men’s suits for prom, there was a drawing for all students to enter to win a free hair appointment at Possibilities Salon in Wiscasset. This was provided by Desiree Bailey, owner of the hair salon and member of the Wiscasset School Committee. Sweet lemonade, baked goodies and chocolates were also provided.

Debra Pooler, an organizer of the event, said “There were many happy faces when students found the perfect dress or suit to wear to the prom. It was so nice to see how students helped each other and really enjoyed the event.”