Property transfers in May

Posted:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 11:30am

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in May:

Alna: Slayman, Clifford L. to Slayman Clifford L. Tr., Clifford L. Slayman Revocable Trust and Slayman Clifford L. Revocable Trust; Chaney, Stephenie D. to Chaney, Peter L. Jr.; Rankin, Clinton J. Jr. PR and Rankin Clinton J. Sr. Est. to Frost, Jane and Frost, Simon. 

Boothbay: Honey, Laura S. to Salatino, Karen G. and Salatino, Christopher J.; Tingley, Tyler C. and Tingley, Marcia M. to Tingley Tyler C. Tr., Tingley Tyler and Marcia Family Revocable Trust, Kring, William N., Kring, William N. Sr. and Kring, Kathryn E. to Kring William N. Sr. and Kring Kathryn E. Irrevocable Income Only Trust and William N. Kring Sr. and Kathryn E. Kring Irrevocable Income Only Trust; Capital One NA to Haskell, Amanda and Agostino, Adriano; Farrin, Patrick A. to Farrin Patrick A. Tr., Patrick A. Farrin Living Trust and Farrin Patrick A. Living Trust; Webster, John S. to Webster, John S. and Webster, Jean R.; Linton, George T. II and Linton, Barbara L. to George T. Linton II Living Trust, Linton George T. II Living Trust, Barbara L. Linton Living Trust and Linton Barbara L. Living Trust;  MacPhee, Bernard B. and MacPhee, Gail P. to MacPhee Gail P. Tr., Deerfield MacPhee Living Trust-2018, MacPhee Bernard B. Tr. and MacPhee Deerfield Living Trust-2018;  Damariscotta Bank & Trust Company  to Beck, Timothy and Beck, Robin;  Clark, Brooks A. PR and Clark Stanley P. Jr. Est. to Clark Brooks A. Tr. and Salmon Cathryn Clark Tr.; Bayard, Jane L. to Boyd, R. Garry;  Madden, Michael K. and Madden, Katie Jo to Lancaster, Craig and Lorello, Elisa; McMullen, William D., McMullen, John R. and McMullen, Jay F. to Troy, Peter J. and Troy, Diane E.; Carter, Matthew R. to Makridis, Chrysostomos.           

Boothbay Harbor: Vose, Charles A. Jr. to Van Der Veen, Michael T. and Van Der Veen, Marion M.; Kerzner, Stuart and Kerzner, Joanne to Levine, Susan C.; Christiana Trust Tr., Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Tr. to Nantz, Rebecca K. and Bennett, Timothy J.;  Tomacelli, Michael E. Jr. and Tomacelli, Lois to Higgins, Joshua P. and Higgins,  Emily P.; Brown, Linwood L. III and Klumb, Lisa A. to Brown Linwood Lincoln III Tr., Brown Linwood L. III Tr., Klumb Lisa A. Tr., Linwood Brown and Lisa Klumb Living Trust and Brown Linwood and Klumb Lisa Living Trust;  MacPhee, Bernard B. and MacPhee, Gail P. to MacPhee Gail P. Tr., Deerfield MacPhee Living Trust-2018, MacPhee Bernard B. Tr. and MacPhee Deerfield Living Trust-2018; Allen, Mark E. to Stewart, Garry L.;  Fisher Alan W. Tr., Fisher Carol G. Tr., Alan W. Fisher Trust No 1, Fisher Alan W. Trust No 1 and Fisher Ann Christy Tr. to 34 Crooked Pine LLC; Chamberlain, Dwight L. and Chamberlain, Sylvia M. to PGC3 LLC;  Greenwood, Tracey E. to Schmidt, Nathan D. and Schmidt, Linnie K.; Reed, Walter S. III and Reed, Elizabeth A. to PGC3 LLC;  Lewis, John H. to Rockwell, John D. and Rockwell, Ellen M.; Demasi, Maryann to Harrison, Ann S. and Harrison, Jill Hume.            

Dresden: Ashley, Danielle K., Hagan, Danielle K. and Hagan, Matthew R. to Skillings, Jay A.; Beckwith, Susan A. to Beckwith, Dale R.; Blanchette, Gregory M. and Pease, Ruth E. to Pease Ruth E. Tr., Gregory M. Blanchette Living Trust, Blanchette Gregory M. Living Trust, Ruth E. Pease Living Trust, Pease Ruth E. Living Trust and Blanchette Gregory M. Tr.; Chapman, John H. and Chapman, Dianne L. to Stickney, Christina H. and Stickney, John James.      

Edgecomb: Hilton Commercial Properties LLC to Hilton Craig A. Tr., Hilton Bradford J. Tr. and Hilton Irrevocable Trust; Yost, Kathe D., Yost, George P., Finn, Joyce L. and Wadlow, James W. III to   Wadlow, James W. III and Yost, Kathe D.; Colby, Carol E. PR, Woodruff, Gail I. PR and Chaney, Edith Est. to Flood, Darren L.;  Little, Erin A., Little, Erin and Wallace, Erin to Hutchison, Tamara.     

Southport: Sullivan Timothy PR and Herter, Catherine Hooker Est. to Sullivan Timothy Tr., Catherine Hooker Herter Trust and Herter Catherine Hooker Trust;  McCarthy, Alice F. to Gagnon, James F.; Dadoly, Georgia Est. and Kane, Beth Lee PR to Gagnon, James F.; Dick, Richard T. Est. and Dick, Patricia E. PR to Olsen, Jocelyn C.; Gray, Alice E., Little, Martha L. and Little, Martha L. to Gray, Bennett Timothy, Jones, Paul and Bennett, James; Jager Edward Gerard Tr., McCarron Catherine F. Tr. and Charlotte Realty Trust to Jager, Edward G. and McCarron, Catherine F.; Jager, Edward G. and McCarron, Catherine F. to McCarron Catherine F. Tr., Charlotte Realty Trust and Jager Edward Gerard Tr.        

Westport Island: Rhinelander, Sarah to Groleau, Geoffrey T. and Groleau, Julie E.;  Sherman, Norman P. and Needham, Beverly M. to Cromwell, Dana E.; Clarke, Stuart M. PR and Clarke, Jean Robin Est. to Sherman, Norman P. and Needham, Beverly M.

Wiscasset: Wiscasset, Inhab Of to Soper, John J. and Soper, Angela;  Krulish, William A. and Krulish, Karen L. to Claverie, Martha E.; Coogan, James J. Jr. and Friend, Elizabeth J. to Kyle, Elizabeth A. and Egan, Robert G.; Hinkley, Valerie G. to Hinkley, Nicholas J.; Wiscasset, Inhab Of to Blatz, Thomas J. and Blatz, Mary Kay; Perry, Alfred Jr. to White, Michael A.; Jewett, Kent and Jewett, Deirdre to Doucette, Alphonse L.;   Chadwick, Ryan S. to Haley, Byron M.