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Ram Island

Posted:  Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 11:00am

For this week’s issue of the “Bob files,” I’ve decided to dig back into some of my more recent digital archives and share an image not often seen this time of year by many of us.

I offer this while hoping that more current subjects bubble to the front of my brain for future sharings. One never knows the source of such items. I am especially encouraged to select this image as we experience yet another yucky winter rain, one of my least favorite weather events. Our winter yo-yo of warm to cold, snow to ice and rain continues to annoy me. Thank you for listening.

The photo of the week is a view of Ram Island Light as seen from nearby Fisherman’s Island, about this time of year.

I was lucky enough to visit the island several years ago during a snowy owl migration and while wandering about I dropped anchor on a knoll overlooking the above view of Ram Island and the south facing shore of Ocean Point. Generally my vantage point is from Shore Road on Ocean Point, looking south, an image that must be made a gazillion times a year by all who visit. And, I admit, a view I have enjoyed many times.

Ram Island and its light are so totally cool. I’ve not spent much time on Ram but it has shown up in lots of my photo scenes over the years. This past summer I had a really fun visit while photographing a Vermont young lady for her high school yearbook.

It’s so nice that it’s okay to visit the island and that it is well-maintained and accessible with proper care. A little tricky landing fully loaded with camera gear.

Thank you to the Foundation which manages things on the island, for access, and for our future enjoyment. It is a treasure and a significant historical landmark for our region and the world.