September property transfers

Tue, 10/09/2018 - 12:45pm

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in September:


Spinney, Jeffry Alan to Olson, James G and Olson, Christopher; Quimby, Pauline to Spinney, Jeffry A.    


Larsen, Marchand Paula, Tr., Marchand, Paula Larsen, Tr. and Larsen Barters Island Trust to Kenbeek, Douglas G. and Kenbeek, Maribeth D.; Griffin, Carl R. III and Griffin, Denise C. to Zapcic, Stephen T. and Zapcic, Sheryl B.; Griffin, Denise C. to Zapcic, Sheryl B.; Alley, Stephen to Alley, Michael S.; Campbell, Jaime L. and Barter, Jaime L. to Lewis, Amanda L.;  Beckwith, Robert E. and Churchill, Laurice U. to Davis, Paul; Rumery, Sandra L. to Snyder, Douglas R. and Snyder, Robert D.;  Zolper, Patricia R., Tr., Patricia R. Zolper Revocable Trust and Zolper, Patricia R. Revocable Trust to Imhof, Lenore M. and Mikkelsen, Kirk J.; Sinclair, Rebecca R., Tr. and Betty R. Prescott Revocable Trust to De Haas, Anthony Norman Stanley and De Haas, Laura Gould;   May, George F. Jr., Tr., May, Martha D., Tr. and May Living Trust to Garrant, Kimberly May, Tr. and River Run Trust;  Emberley, Kevin T. and Emberley, Laurie J. to Schiffinger, Deborah;  Gleysteen, Nicholas and Gleysteen, Paula M. to Sherman, David B. and Sherman, Deanna S.; Guite, Linda R. and Guite, Lynda R. to Skupniewicz, Charles and Van Donselaar, Dee;  Lewis, Durwood C. to Murray, Shawn J.; Harrison, Molly Pitcher  and Harrison, Dean to Balog, Sheila A.;  Curran, Raymond J. to Kurzius, Annemarie L.;  Brancato, Maria to Meyer, Peter; Goodnow, Judith V., Tr. and Ocean Harbor Family Real Estate Trust to Carliner, Astrid S. and Carliner, Geoffrey O.; Greenleaf, Paul V and Greenleaf, Wendy W. to Downey, Marsha J. and Downey, Michael R.

Boothbay Harbor:

Morrison, Dexter C. and Morrison, Juliet A. to Newton, James B. and Winne, Cynthia E; Maddox, Matthew R., PR, Maddox, Joseph A. Jr. Est., Maddox, Joseph A. Est. and Konarska, Amanda Lynne, PR to Kilens, Mark George and Kilens, Sara Marie; Spurgin, Robert L. and Spurgin, Virginia M. to PGC8 LLC; Malloy, Christopher M. and Nevers, Tobi A. to Denton, John G., Tr., Denton, Gloria Lynn, Tr., John G. Denton and Gloria Lynn Denton Revocable Trust and Denton, John G. and Denton Gloria Lynn Revocable Trust;  Hutchings, Jeri K. to Hutchings, Fred H.;  Espinosa, Beverly B., Tr., Edward J. Maude Revocable Living Trust and Maude, Edward J. Revocable Living Trust to Holly, William C. and Holly, Emily Anne E.; Whitney, Lloyd H., Tr., Barter, Donald, Tr., Speed, Andrew, Tr. and Heller, Floyd E., Tr. to Barter, Donald, Tr., Heller, Floyd E. Tr., Haslam, Robert T., Tr. and Howard H. Wyman, Tr.; Pawlowski, Kathi M. and Schandelmeier, Kathi M. to Wallace, Scott A. and Wallace, Susan M.; Fairfield, Harold and Fairfield, Frances Bradford to Leonard, Michael D.; Imhof, Angela M. to Imhof, Angela M. and Imhof, Michele L.; West Harbor Associates Inc. to West Harbor LLC; Trottier, Marie A. and Macurdy, Marie A. Trottier to Wirtanen, Amy Leigh; Coffin, Claudia P., PR and Coffin, Jeanette L. Est. to Coffin, Claudia P.            


Oakes, Wilhelmine Dennis, Tr., Wilhelmine Heuer Dennis Revocable Trust, Dennis, Wilhelmine Heuer Revocable Trust and Kastrenos, Wendy-Lou, Tr. to Oakes, Fulton D. III; Selene Finance LP, Hunt, Charles A. and Hunt, Eleanor K. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.


Kelley, Peter, PR and Kelley, Esther Est. to Kelley, Peter; Rollison, Howard K. and Rollison, Moira E. to Water's Edge Development LLC; Tompkins, Gerry E. to Tompkins, Gerry E., Tr., Gerry E. Tompkins Revocable Trust and Tompkins, Gerry E. Revocable Trust.  


Emery, Frances T., Tr., Frances T. Emery 1998 Trust and Emery, Frances T. 1998 Trust to Gutstein, David M. and Grosflam, Jodi M.; Cullina, William Gregory and Cullina, Melissa Dow to Norton, Alfred M. III and Norton, Susan A.;  Heald, John T. Jr. and Heald, Martha F. to Heald, Martha F., Tr. and Heald, John T. Jr., Tr.; McGuire, Maeve to McGuire, Maeve Tr., Maeve McGuire Living Trust and McGuire, Maeve Living Trust; Thomas, William M., Tr., Thomas, J. Richard Jr., Tr., Thomas, Family Real Estate Trust and Thomas, Henry B., Tr. to Thomas, J. Richard Jr.; Zale, Raymond J.  and Zale, Patricia A. to Oak Leaf Financial LLC.  

Westport Island:

Richardson, Judy A. R. to Richardson, James J.; Wright, Donald S. II and Sanborn, Kathy J. to Scarborough, James M. and Scarborough, Linda D.


Flynn, Alice, Tr., Alice Flynn 2005 Living Trust and Flynn, Alice 2005 Living Trust to Ridle, Anna L.;   Gaffney, James J. III to Carolan, Michael F. and Carolan, Patricia D.;  Clark's Point Development LLC to Moss, Constance and Moss, Michael H.;  Green, George L. to G. L. Green Enterprises Inc. and Green, G. L. Enterprises Inc.; Herrick, Pamela G. to 44 Federal LLC; Camden National Bank, Savings Bank of Maine, Gardiner Savings Institution FSB, Leyden, Judy E., Leyden, Judith E., Dore, Judith and Bank of Maine  to Murphy, Shipley Heather L., Shipley, Heather L. Murphy and Shipley, Tobby J.;  Hickey, Deborah L. and Grover, Deborah L. to Jones,  Gloria J. and Jones, Ronald A.; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Mason Station LLC;  Wiscasset Inhab. of to Patterson, Sam and Pattersons Trailer Park; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Thibeault, Shena; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Wyman, Elaine M. and Wyman, Stuart; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Musical Wonder House, Carvalho, Naomi and Carvalho, Paulo; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Sampson, Matthew M. and Sampson, Lisa V.; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Marean, Karl J.;  Wiscasset Inhab. of  to Koehling, Douglas, Warren, Elmer and Warren, Heidi;  Wiscasset Inhab. of to Dutton, Kendall W. Sr; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Jording, Sarah; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Brown Marsha R. and Brown, David M.; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Brewer, Vernon C. III and Brewer, Bridgette;  Wiscasset Inhab. of to Heald, Stephen L.; Wiscasset Inhab. of to Innes, Ryan; First National Bank to O'Connell, Daniel and O'Connell, Janice; Warner, Mark to Sowles, John; MacDonald, David S. to Longobardi, Vito;  Waterman, Donna to Donna Leah Powers Waterman Trust, Waterman, Donna Leah Powers Trust and Waterman, Donna Leah Powers, Tr.; Abbott, Jennie L. to Barnes, Shawn M.; Blake, Lorrie A. to Barnes, Deborah C.; Petefish, Jannah, Haedrich, Jannah and Haedrich, Todd M. to Haedrich, Jannah and Haedrich, Todd M.