Speaker at Wiscasset selectmen’s meeting questions road rage incident

Thu, 08/16/2018 - 4:15pm

During the public comment period of the Aug. 14 Wiscasset selectmen’s meeting, Pam Logan referred to a July 22 police case after a road rage incident involving a gun. The victim was on a bicycle, according to Logan and police, and used a Go-Pro camera to record the incident. To date, there is no written police record, because the reserve officer who handled the case has not been back on duty at Wiscasset Police Department since then, and although there was, according to Sgt. Craig Worster, an arrest, the Wiscasset Newspaper has been unable to track the case without a name or court record. 


Logan’s immediate concern was that the perpetrator remained on the street despite a gun-involved crime.

Town Manager Marian Anderson said she was not aware of event; but she said a plan was in place to establish a police presence with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office until staffing levels return to normal.