Letter to the editor

State falling short

Posted:  Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 9:15am

Dear Editor: 

Here is the elected legislature back in session trying to make it more difficult to start citizen referendums ! It could be that working to undo them all is wearing them down.

“State funding 55 percent education,” never got there – paid under 40 percent of Alna's total 2017-18 cost.

“Ranked Choice,” maybe they know how difficult it would be for them to get 50-percent plus one!

“Legalize Marijuana,” just put so many  regulations on it to make sure that does not work!

Then we come to “Medicaid Expansion for the working poor,” labeled by a Midcoast Republican senator and representatives as “able bodied” like they are crooks. Working for low wages, part-time or seasonal jobs is not a crime, it just leaves our neighbors in poverty! Expanding Medicaid helps everyone by reducing health care costs and keeping providers solvent.

The easy answer to the question “how do we pay for it” is to take the money out of the billion dollar rainy day slush fund that was put there by not paying the benefits to the 70,000 Mainers that were cut from those rolls!

 Ralph Hilton