Letter to the editor

Takes a village

Posted:  Monday, February 12, 2018 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

It takes a village. Ireally takes a village to build a community and it takes a village to destroy that community

The sign posted in a Main Street storefront window was offensive to me personally but beyond that it was hurtful to our downtown businesses, the town government, and the citizens of Wiscasset.

This sign was vulgar and disrespectful to the chair of the select board. I understand that the select board is going to remain silent on the matter.  I am sorry and dismayed. The collective deafening public silence of the other downtown businesses, the residents who have posted “RESPECT” signs up and down our streets and the select board speaks volumes.

By the silent tongues and unused pen, we invite such displays to continue or worsen. 

A community is not destroyed over night, but by the drip, drip, drip of inaction of good people.

I want to publicly say to the board chair and the Maine Department of Transportation that you do not deserve to be the target of this shameful act of Freedom of Speech.

I want to add that I commend the town of Jackman and the action taken dealing with its own current Freedom of Speech issue.

Judy Flanagan