letter to the editor

Talk and respect

Posted:  Monday, January 15, 2018 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

Ted Talbot and Ralph Doering - We “need to talk” about “respect.”

Anyone living in Wiscasset has seen the signs around town by the anti-MDOT folks saying they need “to talk” to MDOT regarding the downtown proposal and that MDOT needs to “respect” Wiscasset’s history and taxpayers.

Well there is a new sign downtown that Wiscasset residents need to see as well. In the space recently vacated by Ted Talbot in the Wawenock building owned by Ralph Doering is a sign directed to MDOT, Judy Flanagan and Judy Colby. It contains a photo of a naked baby with an arrow pointing to its bottom instructing MDOT and both Judy’s to “kiss it.” This sign is prominently displayed in the window on Main Street in our downtown. 

Is this respect? Mr. Talbot, let’s talk - Judy Colby, Judy Flanagan nor MDOT had anything to do with you closing your business - you chose to leave. And I am glad you did, I hope other business owners fighting this project follow your lead. Wiscasset’s downtown will be a better place without you. Mr. Doering, show some respect to the visitors and residents of Wiscasset and remove that sign from your building’s window. 

If any of you anti-MDOT folks think that signs like that are helping your cause, you are sadly mistaken. Jumping into the gutter just shows your desperation.

Jody Elwell