Two Bridges helps process BIW christening protestors, including Whitefield, Hope residents

Sat, 06/22/2019 - 2:15pm

Saturday morning, Bath Iron Works christened DDG 118 the USS Inouye, in an invitational-only event, and people from Maine Veterans for Peace and Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space protested the event at various places adjacent to BIW. Several protestors were arrested.

Protesters were primarily stationed on Washington Street by King Street, but some moved to BIW’s South Gate and others to Vine Street during the protest. There were approximately 50 people protesting the event from these groups.

Twenty-two were arrested by law enforcement officers from Bath Police Department and Maine State Police for Obstructing a Public Way.

Twelve protesters blocked the entrance to the South Gate on Washington Street. Busses were prevented from entering the facility with invited guests. All 12 of those protestors were issued lawful orders to leave the roadway but remained and were arrested without incident.

Five protesters were arrested on Vine Street for Obstructing a Public Way. They had entered the road and blocked a bus carrying passengers to the event. The protestors remained on the road after being given lawful orders to leave and were arrested without incident.

And five protestors were arrested for blocking the flow of traffic on King Street. Again, all were issued lawful orders to leave the roadway and refused. All five were arrested without incident.

Arrested were Luther Howard, 71, from Fairhaven, Massachusetts; Cynthia Howard, 72, from Biddeford; Daniel Ellis, 71, from Brunswick; Lisa Savage, 62, from Solon; Mark Roman, 71, from Solon; William Thomas, 76, from Auburn; Richard Lethem, 87, from Brunswick; Constance Jenkins, 71, from East Blue Hill; Dudley Hendrick, 77, from Deer Isle; Robert Shetterly, 72, from Brooksville; Sophia Fuller, 72, from Belfast, Mary Beth Sullivan, 65, from Brunswick; Bruce Gagnon, 66, from Brunswick; Ashley Bahlkow, 35, from North Yarmouth, Sophia Bahlkow, 43, from North Yarmouth; Natalyn Mayers, 73, from Whitefield; Kenneth Jones, 70, from Swannanoa, North Carolina; Sarah Fulton, 30, from Davis, California; James Freeman, 70, from Verona Island. Dixie Searway, 81, from Parsonsfield; Russell Wray, 64, from Hancock; and George Ostensen, 64, from Hope.

All arrests were processed at the Sagadahoc County Building. All but 10 people were processed and bailed on personal recognizance. Ten refused to sign any summonses or bail slips during the booking process and were taken to Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset. Those were Sophia Fuller, Mary Beth Sullivan, Bruce Gagnon, Natalyn Mayers, Kenneth Jones, Sarah Fulton, James Freeman, Dixie Searway, Russell Wray and George Ostensen.

Bath Police Department and Maine State Police made all the arrests. The Sagadahoc County and Two Bridges Regional Jail Corrections staff assisted with transporting all those arrested and with booking processes.

The court date for all defendants is Aug. 6 at West Bath District Court.