letter to the editor

Victoria Martens’ Christmas wish

Posted:  Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 10:30am

Dear Editor:

In this season of Advent and Christmas, we give and receive a variety of gifts and often great thought goes into its selection.

How do reflections, actions, and attitudes in our communities, and the world prevent abuse-filled harm to our children? Victoria’s Christmas wish is that her death and the abuse-deaths of 20,000 other American children will wake up every town and city to begin teaching adults and young children abuse prevention that reduces deaths. Imagine Victoria with a large candle lighting the way for 20,000 children to see and feel Christmas hope that ends child abuse deaths and fills the world with peace and safety for children.

Victoria is already smiling at a season of gifts of joy, as towns in Maine, and New Mexico are already working to develop better prevention plans. Jehovah Witnesses, JW.org has one program, the UK has more and towns are working to do the same. 

The death of Victoria Martens opened the door of truth about the dark world of parental harm. Children and adults have kept these truths hidden, but we know now that keeping secrets costs lives making other children vulnerable to abusive pain, and suffering. Victoria’s army of courage, confidence, ability to sense and escape danger as well as helping others to do the same, is marching through every town in America valuing the lives of every child. They note how Maine budget cuts meant 12,198 calls for child abuse help were unanswered. No one noticed the Maine Child protection guide permits DHHS to ignore the call when “they believe there is no truth to the complaint,” a “belief” in New Mexico that cost Victoria Martens her life.

Victoria’s army is seeing more hope in our Society for Positive Care of Children, survival of one in a Child Called It, ECM-Every Child Matters bbc.co.uk, safe guarding and child protection in school, spcc.org.uk, and “Our Kids” How to educate children about abuse. Can you help Victoria get her Christmas wish in your town? 

Jarryl Larson