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WAVES for breakfast

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 10:15am

Last day of my stay home vacation. Didn’t do much but spent lots of quality time with my grandchildren and daughters. It was truly what my soul needed. We enjoyed lots of dinners out, which is always fun for my hubby. He is awesome when it comes to that and he is easy to please. One night we had fresh corn and grilled hot dogs. Another night it was garden fresh picked cucumber sandwiches … easy peasy. Some nights I’m fresh out of ideas and come to find out my hubby is totally on board.

WAVES … yes, it is breakfast time with Lilly, my granddaughter, who loves the smoothie of the day. Strawberries, banana, blueberries and yogurt blended to perfection. Lilly also had one huge plain pancake with a side of scrambled eggs. Jenny and Ian are always willing to cook for your special needs. Special orders don't upset the kitchen crew; they are always looking to please the customer.

My favorite thing is the corned beef hash; it’s amazing. I, being a pain, order it without green peppers. I love mine with the saute potatoes (instead of the fried potatoes it comes with) with a grilled English muffin and two eggs over easy. WAVES is also famous for its eggs Benedict … Lobster, crab, spinach or your traditional ham.

The restaurant on Commercial Street in Boothbay Harbor also serves lunch except on Sundays. They have the best seafood chowder, burgers, fried haddock sandwich, an oriental chicken wrap and salad version for summer (Jay’s office favorite), Reuben ... I could go on and on ... it is a must try.

Jenny and Ian, for the most part, operate a year-round business. Both of them work hard and are the only two chefs in the kitchen. They close down around January and reopen in March. They go to Jenny’s home country, China, to visit with her wonderful parents and other family members. They put in a tremendous amount of hours in a year and need a well-deserved break for a lengthy vacation.

Of course, I have to brag about my favorite waitress there, who is my beautiful oldest daughter, Cody Carol. She can work the whole dining room when needed. Cody is Jenny and Ian’s only year-round employee. They make a wonderful team.

Well, I’m off to enjoy my Sunday. Hang on and enjoy the last days of summer. Work hard but play a little harder.