Mary’s Musings

Welcome Back

Posted:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 8:30am

The “open’’ signs are everywhere signifying local businesses are ready to welcome both residents and visitors alike after what has been a rather brief hiatus for many. The winter snows and freezing temperatures are behind us; the country club is lush and green, and there are already lines at Red’s Eats.

Maybe it’s just us, but time seemed to fly by from November until May. We’ve been told it’s because of our age; that time passes (all too) quickly when you’re older. We’re sure they are probably correct in their explanation.

One reason we feel that this winter went by so fast is because we now have a lot more going on during the “off’’ season. With increased activities, folks don’t have a chance to get bored or spend all their time complaining about the snow, below-zero temperatures, or slippery roads.

An all-out effort to take the “dead’’ out of our winter months here in a coastal Maine tourist town has, in our opinion, been highly successful. Businesses have stayed open later and cooperated in every possible way to make the Festival of Lights a success, encouraging visitors to check us out this time of the year. Thousands toured the spectacular lighting display at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, which has gained national attention. Hopefully we’re changing our tune when it comes to telling the world that we roll up the carpets come Thanksgiving, sometimes earlier.

We hope this past winter was the first of many in which we stay positive, encourage visitors, and put our best foot forward.  There’s no doubt about it, both residents and businesses alike are happy to see the doors open at restaurants, hotels, and stores this time of the year as we prepare to herald in the Memorial Day weekend, traditionally a start to our summer season. It means jobs for hundreds in the tourist industry. Every summer, we see more and more new business ventures join our ranks and 2018 promises to be no exception.

Let’s all get out there and welcome back long-time seasonal businesses, give a warm welcome to the new ones, and support them in every way we can. We’ve got a lot to offer, folks.