Where It’s At ... for spiritual exploration

Posted:  Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 12:00pm

Who doesn’t love going to a fair? Mid-summer and fall months bring the agricultural fairs – just reading the phrase agricultural fairs conjures up the scents and sounds we associate with them. Laughter, talking, screaming (if there are carnival rides), the scent of burgers, cotton candy, fried dough … the sounds of music – from country to rock to R&B and the blues; the language of animals from cows and goats to horses and herding dogs. Course there’s also the scent of asphalt (if it’s a particularly hot day), exhaust, sweat, and animal pooh … but it’s all part of the experience, yeah?!

There are many other kinds of fairs, take metaphysical fairs for example, such as the one-day Crystals and Psychics event coming up at Leapin Lizards in Freeport Feb. 17. These fairs feature readers of the tarot, angel, spirit animal, oracle cards, and runes; astrologists, Reiki, polarity and meditation practitioners and teachers; animal communicators, psychics and mediums; crystal and gemstone dealers, magical herb gardeners, clothing, candles, music, and so much more. These fairs are happening all over New England, actually all over the U.S., and the world. But, fairs are not the only place you can find such things.

If you are new to any (or all) of all things metaphysical, but you’re curious and want to experience what it’s all about, there’s a one-day retreat coming up at Ruby Throated Spirit on East Side Road, Barter’s Island with Andrea Goodman. The “Heart of Hearts” retreat is on Sunday, Feb. 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with potluck lunch. Andrea chose this day for healing hearts for several reasons, including the alignment of five planets in the sign of Pisces, one of the three water signs of the zodiac. Water signs are elementally emotional, sensitive, imaginative, and feel with great depth of emotion, intuitive … I should know, I’m one. 

The retreat will include astrological and mythic awareness, cosmic harmony, words from the heart and sound healing. Contact Andrea to reserve your place at the retreat - and for more information - at 633-4175 or email her: rubythroated@roadrunner.com

Andrea has been offering healing and self understanding through tarot readings, creating astrology charts and doing readings for clients; performing Reiki, vocal sound healing, and meditation – individual or group. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a group meditation with four others followed by a group sound healing. Andrea, a warm, kind, and loving spirit, guided us through a peaceful and restorative session. The sound healing resonated straight through me as we participated in it – the collective sound of our voices inspired a delicate rhythm within me allowing the qi to flow freely through the meridians of my body.

Spring, summer and fall, the labyrinth at Ruby Throated Spirit is a delight; a lovely place to practice Zen (be in the moment) and for contemplation as the scents of lavender, lemon balm, sage and mint court your olfactory sense while soothing your mind and spirit. It’s really one of those places where once is never enough!

Andrea, creative to the core, is also a poet, singer, musician (who plays the bandura, a Ukrainian instrument with 55 strings!), puppeteer, actor, and voice coach. Visit rubythroatedspirit.com for more about her and contact info.

Worldwide more and more people are opening up to alternative ideas about life, death, rebirth, souls, healing, spirituality … take some time for a little self-exploration, look for answers through unfamiliar methods … the results just might be what you’ve been looking for!