White's Island deserves a new footbridge

Mon, 07/19/2021 - 2:45pm

Dear Editor:

A few years ago a well-known Wiscasset resident, Bill Phinney, bequested White’s Island to a land trust and the town of Wiscasset.

I remember going swimming on the north side of the island with my parents back in the late ’50s.

Private owners kept it open to the public. We enjoyed the tidal water warmed as it came in over the flats.

This island is a gem which should be accessible to the public.

I am sure the grantor of this wonderful gift intended to be accessible to the public.

There are capable local contractors who could replace the now impassable footbridges.

By accepting such a gift, the receivers have a moral responsibility to maintain it according to the donor's intent. Can anyone step forward and advance this project?

Tom Boudin


Formerly of Wiscasset