letter to the editor

'Wiscasset Moves Forward' endorses candidates

Posted:  Monday, May 14, 2018 - 4:30pm

Dear Editor:

Wiscasset Moves Forward (WMF) again wishes to thank voters who participated in the Referendum Vote on April 17. Your votes mattered.

Our organization’s mission is to support all Wiscasset businesses and promote initiatives that will have a positive effect for the town and it's residents.

WMF is endorsing candidates Kim Mathis Andersson, David Cherry, and Judy Colby to fill the three open seats on the Board of Selectmen in the upcoming June 12 election. These candidate's values and vision align with that of the WMF organization.

Kim, David and Judy have proven track records of dedicated community service and backgrounds and experience to effectively oversee Wiscasset’s interest. They are honest, hardworking, and capable of compromise without compromising their principles, and they are good listeners. All qualities that will serve Wiscasset well.

We are confident they are committed to work collaboratively with the MDOT on the Downtown Improvement Plan to create a safe, vibrant and accessible village. They'll support initiatives to attract diversified businesses and families to locate here and encourage all residents to work together to help solve Wiscasset's challenges. You can count on them to work hard at developing a plan to make Wiscasset as prosperous as it can be.

There is more work to do. Wiscasset’s future once again will be in the voter's hands. Please join us and vote for Kim, David, and Judy on June 12.

Lonnie Kennedy-Patterson