letter to the editor

‘Wiscasset Thinks Forward’ members thank voters

Posted:  Monday, April 23, 2018 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

Wiscasset Thinks Forward wishes to thank all voters who participated in the Referendum Vote on Tuesday, April 17. Your voices have been heard. Your vote signifies the majority of residents want Wiscasset to move forward to create a welcoming, safe, and accessible downtown. This vote also reinforces residents commitment to the MDOT Project Plan with the Option 2 design.

Our organization’s mission has and will continue to be supporting village businesses and promoting initiatives that will have a positive effect on Wiscasset and help move Wiscasset forward. Our ongoing goal is to work with town government and all interested parties to collaboratively create a safe, accessible, and thriving downtown.

Our organizations current initiatives are:

  • Work collaboratively on the Downtown Improvement Plan to create a safe, vibrant, and accessible downtown
  • Support initiatives that will promote an inviting and active downtown to attract diversified businesses and families to locate here
  • Encourage all residents to work together to honor and preserve the historical nature of our village as we prepare for growth and prosperity
  • Reinforce a positive image of Wiscasset

We realize and understand that folks on both sides of this issue love Wiscasset and want our town to prosper. It is our hope that town leaders, residents, business owners, the Historical Preservation Committee, and our organization will work together to make Wiscasset the best it can be.

Our group meets weekly, is growing, and welcomes new members. For more information, email WiscassetTF@yahoo.com or Facebook - ‘Wiscasset Thinks Forward’

Submitted on behalf of Wiscasset Thinks Forward.

Lonnie Kennedy-Patterson