WMHS grads share stories, wisdom

Posted:  Monday, January 7, 2019 - 9:30am

On Friday, Jan. 4, Wiscasset Middle High School graduates returned to answer students’ questions.

The school holds the seminar every year. It gives current students an opportunity to learn more about how they can plan to continue their education after high school. Graduates are invited back to serve on a panel that answers questions from seniors and juniors. Personal college experiences and lessons learned are shared.

This is one of many things the WMHS guidance department does to help familiarize students with the college experience. This seminar has been a favorite among students as they get to see familiar faces, hear stories and learn useful information from students who were once their peers. When asked what this seminar means to her, Deb Pooler of the WMHS staff replied, “I believe that the alumni panel seminar is probably one of the most important seminars offered by the WMHS guidance because the kids see the reality of what it takes to continue their education after graduating!” Pooler moderates the Alumni Panel Seminars. “Another thing that makes this seminar successful is the willingness of ... Wiscasset graduates to come in and share what they have learned about navigating the college experience!”

Pooler also noted, participants for the panel are found through another effort by the guidance department with a grant from Maine Educational Loan Marketing Corporation(MELMAC). This non-profit corporation is dedicated to advancing the cause of education for all Maine citizens. The grant funds the WMHS alumni interviews WMHS guidance conducts in the summer and fall. These interviews ensure the plans students made upon graduation are still on track. Pooler also conducts these interviews, and stated, “I am so happy to contact kids to see how they are doing. The reactions I get from them and their parents are always so positive and grateful that WMHS is interested in helping students after graduation!”

WMHS science teacher Ralph Keyes also helped with the seminar. This year, WMHS graduates Hanna Foye, Gabrielle Chapman, Sarah Foley, Vanessa Dunn, Corey Campbell, Clara Mugnai, Keara Hunter, David Roach and Ayanna Main returned to the school to serve on the panel.