’Round Town

Winter rain

Wed, 01/08/2020 - 9:00am

I watch the weather. Not in the same way some of my fishing folk friends do as they track the temperatures, winds, wind directions and weather-related sea activities. They have a lot at stake and need to know how weather will impact their work. It’s pretty amazing to see how instinctively they know when to go, when not to go and when to know the difference.

My weather alerts are less critical but still significant. For us and our location at home the weather really effects how well things work. Weather conditions can really mess with our lives. In a snow or heavy rain storm our television reception can go completely wonky. We use an antenna in the attic and under the right conditions our signal picks up Eastern Europe better than Portland. No manor of adjusting will bring the signal back until the weather settles down. Cell phones also are challenged. We have varying degrees of dysfunction with our cell phones anyway, in all fairness. Where we live, some days, I can holler better than our cell phones carry. Seems towers are well hidden from us.

But the real reason I watch the weather, especially this time of year, is to help out-guess the snows. We have about a quarter of a mile of road to clear. My beloved 20+-year-old, 3 cylinder, Kubota tractor has more than paid for itself in snowplowing mileage, but, when to plow is the big challenge.

I left the last snow alone. Based on weather reporters, there was rain coming in behind the snow, but there was uncertainty about when and where. The initial snow was light and fluffy, an easy plow. I should have jumped on it. It rained during the night and I was faced with wet cement in the rain at dawn. Winter rain on top of snow makes me very unhappy. It also provides ample internal irrigation for our house. Roof leaks are inevitable — which roof will leak is the only question. We have slightly fewer plastic tubs than Walmart.