Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Several overnight burglaries reported in Wiscasset

Sat, 01/25/2020 - 8:30pm

    Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is investigating several motor vehicle burglaries on Page Avenue in Wiscasset Friday night or early Saturday. 

    A White Chevrolet 1500 was seen in the area at approximately 2 a.m. If you saw anything or have information, please call the Sheriff’s Office. Please remember to not leave wallets, purses, firearms and other valuables in your vehicle and to lock your vehicle.

    We are also investigating the theft of tires, rims and accessories from a 2019 Ford Raptor truck at Wiscasset Ford.

    We are seeking information if you saw anything suspicious or have information helpful to the investigation. It is unknown if the events are related. Please contact us at 882-7332