letter to the editor

Hawke is a person of action

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 2:45pm

    Dear Editor:

    I was very pleased to hear that my former boss, Stephanie Hawke, is running to return as our local State Rep. I had worked for Steph for the better part of a decade and got the pleasure to know her well, both as a successful business owner and as an outstanding community member who is always giving back.

    I never felt like I was working for Steph; I felt like I was working with her as a team. She treated all of us like family, with respect, appreciation, and genuine care. She had a knack for involving everyone’s opinion in problem solving, and always listened to both sides of a disagreement. How well does her management style work out? Last I knew Hawke Motors was doing just fine!

    My job at Hawke Motors was on the front desk. On any typical day I would see many people coming in that were not customers. They were constituents and neighbors that Steph would be helping out in one way or another. You never hear about that stuff, but I had a front row seat to it every day.

    When Steph was a member of the House a few years ago word around town was that she was the person you wanted to go to when you needed action instead of talk, results instead of excuses. I can attest to that because I saw it day in and day out. Let’s please all vote to send Stephanie Hawke back to Augusta.

    Best Boss and Friend Evah!

    Troy Gauthier