Property tax rate up in Woolwich

Tue, 09/22/2020 - 7:45am

    Property taxes are going up in Woolwich, about $50 on a home assessed at $200,000. The select board announced the 2020 tax rate after meeting Monday afternoon with William Brewer of Bath, the town’s auditor.

    “Your town administrator and staff did a good job managing your budget last year,” Brewer told the board.

    The tax rate was set at $15.40 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. In 2019, it was $15.15 per thousand. The board set the 2020-2021 overlay at $91,000. The tax commitment including education totaling $5.92 million, an increase of about 1.65% over last year. Brewer noted the 2020-21 county assessment rose $22,413 to $766, 093. The town’s share of the Regional School Unit 1 budget was $4.54 million; last year, it was $4.43 million.

    The town received $55,550 more in homestead reimbursement, $198,459, but a little less in BETA funds, $95,194.

    Selectman Jason Shaw felt the board did a good job keeping the tax increase below two percent. “Definitely, when you consider the COVID-19 pandemic and what that’s cost the town, along with the increases in our county commitment, the school budget and the other increases we have no control of,” he commented.

    The due dates for the first and second half of property tax payments are Oct. 30, 2020 and April 30, 2021. The fixed interest rate on unpaid property taxes is 8% per annum; interest on unpaid taxes starts 30 days after each due date.

    Town Administrator Kim Dalton said property tax bills will be in the mail later this week.