Sat, 09/25/2021 - 7:45am

I'm so excited!!! We got our first bad review in the Better Business Bureau!

I love Blake's review because not only does he list us as a "Sporting Goods Retail" business, he refers to us as "Too Salty Dogs." He also lists our address as 22 McKown St. #B. Not only is "B" not a number, it's the nice old people who live upstairs. I hope the BBB police don't kick in their door some night and drag them off to some kind of Better Business Bureau re-education camp.

Blake is your typical nightmare web customer. Not only did he expect to get a discount for rope leashes applied to a ribbon leash, he demanded to get it on top of the "Matching Leash" discount of $7.50.

Blake was given his refund the same day I got the leash back, yet he was too lazy or stupid to verify the information I gave him with his credit card. And when Blake says I haven't gotten back to him, he means I haven't gotten back to him since he started going off the rails like a Meth Addict during a full-moon mating season.

For a full, depressing timeline of my interactions with Blake, Click Here. And rest assured that if I ever hear from that little weasel again, I'm just going to send him this link. That should shut the little Festering Boil and his "attorneys" up.

~ Dog Bless