Alna selectmen

Five bid on Alna bridge engineering

Thu, 09/09/2021 - 8:45am

    Drawing five bidders to engineer work at the Ben Brook bridge on Egypt Road was “pretty awesome,” Alna Third Selectman Charlie Culbertson said over Zoom Wednesday night, Sept. 8. Selectmen said they will study the bids and pick one the week of Sept. 13, tentatively on Sept. 15.

    “We have a lot to look at,” Second Selectman Linda Kristan said.

    Selectmen said Gartley & Dorsky of Camden bid $16,250 to $17,250; Haley Ward of Bangor, $27,100; CMA Engineers of Portland; $49,400; Dirigo Engineering of Fairfield, $15,000 for repair work or $28,000 for replacement; and Calderwood Engineering of Richmond, design $13,918 and construction inspection $11,138.

    Maine Department of Transportation has told the town a stone retaining wall downstream has severe movement and the road could have a serious washout if stones collapse into the brook. MDOT has recommended stabilizing the wall and channeling surface water away from the road.