letter to the editor

Lack of insurance costs more

Posted:  Monday, December 11, 2017 - 5:00pm

Dear Editor:

Another  issue addressed by Sen Dow in the Nov. 23 edition of the Boothbay Register was  Medicaid expansion. 

What really bothered me in his article was the use of "able-bodied" Mainers as the recipients of Medicare (MaineCare).  We are all able-bodied until we aren't. The qualifications for Medicaid is based on income not whether you are "able-bodied" or not.  It is mean-spirited to force people to forgo ordinary health care such as check ups, vaccinations etc.  When someone waits until they are really, really sick to go to the ER it costs them and us are a lot more.  We all pay for charity care in extra costs to us through our insurance rates and the hospitals greater charges to enable charity care.  

And to be real, some people die. 

We are the richest nation in the world and to my mind the meanest to the least among us.  No human being should not have to rely on jars in the hardware store to pay for medical care or to avoid bankruptcy because of medical bills. 

Those states that expanded Medicaid have done better than us. Hospitals see fewer unpaid bills, reducing the need to pass along costs to other users. Uninsured rates have been cut by half in Medicaid expansion states. Visits to community health centers increased exponentially. Prescription rates increased. People actually got medication for illness. It is imperative to understand that lack of coverage for thousands of people in the state costs you more, not the other way around.
Bonnie Ginger