letter to the editor

Thank you to Edgecomb businesses

Posted:  Monday, January 1, 2018 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

One of the joys of living in a small community is participating in special community events, particularly around the holidays. And a fact of life in many small communities is that often these events cannot happen without the generosity of donors and volunteers.

The recent Charlie Brown Tree Decorating Contest in Edgecomb is an example of a special event that brought together groups of school children and adults to light and decorate an array of Charlie Brown trees at the Town Hall. The tree decorating festivities included judging, prizes, and refreshments.

The following Edgecomb businesses stepped up to contribute funding for lights, wired tree stands, prizes, and refreshments: AGA Correa, Cod Cove Inn, Coastal Dog, Downeast Medicinals, Barbara Scully's Oyster and Lobster Market, Hannaford, HT Winters, Mid Maine Restoration, Oberuch Electric, Skip Cahill Tire, and Woodsmith Carpentry. Also, a spirited panel of volunteer judges, Ramone Hanley-Warren, Bruce Hartford, and Bill “Mr. Christmas” Pearson, braved the elements and made tough judging decisions.

On behalf of Edgecomb residents, I would like to thank each donor and volunteer for your help in making Edgecomb sparkle this Christmas. We truly appreciate your support for our community.

Barbara Brennan