letter to the editor

Neighbors: Just say no

Posted:  Monday, March 5, 2018 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

This is a call to remember we are neighbors first. We need to remember it is OK to agree to disagree. The divisiveness and pushing of an agenda is hurting us as a community. It’s hurting our reputation and must stop. Accepting money for a personal vendetta wreaks of special interest. It seems like those with the deepest pockets are running the show. We cannot be bought. How about NO … no to a lawsuit we cannot win, no to paying for it with tax money or reserve money. Just say no.

We are being reminded to exercise our rights as citizens: Vote. It’s a principle at the basis of democracy, and is eroding, by clever manipulation. Just say no, Wiscasset. We need to take the higher road. There are many who are 100 percent in support of what has been proposed for this town. We actually envision Wiscasset as the prettiest, thriving village in Maine … We will adjust.

Noting median income levels, there is a segment of the Wiscasset community who will not support spending money and apparently has no use for the downtown. This attitude is being exploited.

It is a no-brainer that we need decent sidewalks, safe turning, and pedestrian control … and that means no Route 1 parking in the summer, quite frankly not at all.

It is important to honor and respect the straight forward, in-good-faith work of the Department of Transportation, the will of the voters, and select board’s original legal decision and vote, the PAC volunteers, the Midcoast at large. Letting falsehoods fueled with fearful, accusatory remarks continue, destroys the potential benefit for generations to come. Short-term gain with long-term consequence.

Pursuing the fight could bring… worst case scenario... no Main Street parking or parking lots unless we want to fund it … so far-no go; or minimal parking on Main Street, which will not solve the pedestrian problem. So how about a chain link fence down the middle? Lovely.

This project is our present opportunity. Here’s to decent sidewalks for everyone to maneuver safely, organized traffic flow, appropriate accessible public parking, and most of all, acting like neighbors again … And it starts with a simple NO vote.

Susan Robson