• Westport town meeting, elections coming up

    Westport Island Town Clerk Gaye Wagner has released the calendar for absentee voting, the 2015 town meeting and  RSU 12 elections.

    Nomination papers for town offices will become available starting April 2 and must be submitted by May 12.

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  • Girl Scout cookie sale ends April 4

    Girl Scouts of Maine's annual Cookie Sale is in full swing! Booth sales will continue at business locations throughout the state. The cookie sale will end April 4.   

    Selling cookies teaches girls goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics — aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to life.

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  • A Bird’s Tale

    A surf on purple

    No one familiar with the famous story of the unfortunate sailors who were shipwrecked on Boon Island in December 1710 and fought to survive for weeks, with no fire, on the frigid, rocky, wave-smashed ledges would consider volunteering to repeat their ordeal. No human at least.

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  • Grow It In Maine

    The magic of lavender

    Charlotte displayed some fluffy sprigs of lavender on her winter porch. She wants to keep them growing.

    This delightful herb is found in garden beds as part of a collection of useful plants. It is also grown among perennial flowers, in full sunlight. Sometimes, lavender bushes are trained into a low hedge, maybe bordering a path.

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  • Studio Theatre of Bath celebrates 35 years with ‘Streetcar’

    Studio Theater of Bath

    Studio Theatre of Bath (STB) celebrates 35 years of community theater by producing a reprise of its original show: Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The original production was directed by the New York director (and Marlon Brando’s acting coach) Chouteau Chapin and starred Suzanne Rankin as Blanche and Cliff Greene as Stanley.

    In the current production, Blanche will be portrayed by April Joy Purinton, STB's artistic director and president.

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  • Wiscasset School Committee

    School officer position faces next budget test

    Wiscasset Police Chief Troy Cline, Interim Superintendent of Schools Lyford Beverage

    Wiscasset Police Chief Troy Cline expressed confidence March 26 that his department will get to keep its resource officer for the town’s schools. He couldn’t be happier with how the new position and the man in it, Officer Perry Hatch, are working out this school year, Cline told the Wiscasset School Committee.

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  • Alna Selectmen

    New Alna board of selectmen eyes CMP property review

    Amy Warner, David Abbott, Melissa Spinney

    Alna may follow its neighbor Whitefield in reviewing Central Maine Power’s property values. The result could be a lightened tax load on other Alna property owners, newly elected Alna Third Selectman Douglas Baston said on March 25.

    Second Selectman Melissa Spinney, also in her first meeting since winning office, asked how the town would proceed if the review instead pointed to lower property values for CMP. Baston doubted it would.

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  • CEI awarded National NeighborWorks membership

    CEI announced its new membership in the national NeighborWorks network during its annual meeting on March 10. In order to become a chartered NeighborWorks member, a significant achievement, CEI met high organizational health and performance standards, enabling the Maine-based organization to gain access to a powerful battery of training, research, technical assistance and funding opportunities.

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  • Alna Column: Send me some news

    Welcome to Alna's new officials for 2015: Melissa Spinney, second selectman; Douglas Baston, third selectman, Aaron Miller, treasurer; Jeffrey Verney, road commissioner; and Barbara Baston, school board member. Four of these folks have served before and know the ropes. This is Melissa's first time as a selectman. I wish her the best in this new adventure she has taken on. To you experienced officials, keep up the good work and give Melissa some pointers.

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  • New telephone scam in Maine

    AARP Maine received information today from the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce concerning fraudulent telephone calls being made to residents from callers claiming to be from a company called MCI-ITS S-Telesy. The caller ID phone number is 213-337-0014. The caller asks for computer passwords and personal information due to a virus they claim to be monitoring.

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  • Understanding the medications used in dementia

    The Lincoln Home’s final talk in a free educational series on caring for someone with dementia is Tuesday, March 31, from noon to 1:30 pm.

    Courtney Doherty Oland, RPh, MBA, FASCP, is co-owner and Director of Waltz Long Term Care Pharmacy, serving pharmacy patients residing in nursing homes, assisted living communities and rehabilitation centers from Bangor to all points south up to the Maine/New Hampshire border.

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  • Martial arts instructor charged with alleged witness tampering

    A local martial arts instructor has been indicted by the grand jury for charges that allege he tampered with a witness.

    Brant Perkins, 56, of Boothbay Harbor was indicted by the Lincoln County Grand Jury for charges alleging he attempted to have a student provide an alibi for him.

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  • Stories I've Never Told You

    A whole lot of nothing

    If there’s one thing I’m really good at it’s nothing. Hmm, somehow that didn’t exactly come out the way I’d hoped it would. So, in the interest of dodging a multi-concept, verbal pile-up right here on the virtual on-ramp I’ll just back up and take another run at it.

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  • Committee denies grievance in Wiscasset

    The Wiscasset School Committee on March 26 heard and denied its first employee grievance. The panel took the vote denying the grievance after a closed-door session at Wiscasset High School.

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  • Sheehy hopes to have ‘Columbia’ out soon

    The owner of a boat that recently dragged its mooring and is beached said that with any luck, it will be out of Pemaquid soon.

    James Sheehy, owner of both Boothbay Harbor's Westward and Pemaquid Harbor's Columbia said with any luck, both ships could soon be leaving.

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