First National Bank supports DRA Campaign for the River

Posted:  Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 8:00am

First National Bank has a long history of supporting community causes and has once again stepped forward at the beginning of another important project, this time to lend its leadership support to the Damariscotta River Association (DRA) in its quest to ensure that special natural areas will be available to all, in perpetuity, as part of the community fabric of Damariscotta.

Still in the quiet phase, after six years of planning, last year DRA’s board launched a campaign to purchase and conserve land that will make it possible for everyone to walk, run, bike or push a stroller from the center of Damariscotta all the way to Whaleback Shell Midden, and ultimately to Oyster Creek on the Nobleboro line. Along the way they will be able to picnic by the river, relax and view open and protected landscapes, access one of the greatest ancient shell middens in the Northeast, and get close to the Great Salt Bay, Maine’s first marine protected area.

In addition to land purchase and conservation the campaign is focused on program enhancement, endowment and facility updates.

DRA Executive Director Steven Hufnagel said, “First National Bank knows all about strategic community investments, and we’re grateful and pleased that they recognized and supported such an investment through this campaign. It is really a strategic investment in our region’s future – the people, the water and the land that are the foundation of our industries, prosperity and community.

“In particular, the campaign will further strengthen DRA’s longstanding water quality monitoring program protecting aquaculture and ensuring clean water for all. It will also enhance our celebrated outdoor education programs for local students from K to 12, ensuring that all local children have a chance to get outdoors, get unplugged and experience our natural world, especially the Damariscotta River, Johns Bay and the land and shore around them.

“First National Bank’s contribution is one part of a much larger community effort involving many individuals and supporters, but it is an important one and we are truly grateful.”

According to Hufnagel, First National Bank has been a valued partner of Damariscotta River Association (DRA) for many years, supporting DRA’s education and water quality programs for more than a decade.

“First National is very pleased to support DRA in this effort,” stated Tony McKim, the bank’s president and chief executive officer. “Supporting community programs, particularly those that enhance the quality of life of local residents and provide educational opportunities for children, is truly our passion.”

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