The Waldo Theatre community survey

Posted:  Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 7:15am

The Waldo Theatre Board of Directors -  Melissa Smith,  Lynnette Myers, Oren Robinson, Janet McMahon, Dominik Lobkowicz,  Gayle Erdheim, Barbara Boardman - have crafted a community survey to assess the wants and needs that individuals have regarding how best to use the Waldo Theatre.

The Board wants to find out how residents of Waldoboro and other Midcoast towns feel about the Waldo Theatre -  and how they would like to see how this historic 1937 building used. Please complete this survey, on The Waldo Theater Facebook page, by Feb. 28.

Board members will summarize the survey results on The Waldo Theatre website, and in a future edition of its newsletter.

For more information, email us at: