Westport Island awards painting contract

Posted:  Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 10:00am

Westport Island selectmen opened painting bids for the town hall Monday, Sept. 11.

Two bids were submitted. Selectmen voted to award the work to Town and Country Home Services of Boothbay Harbor which bid $2,400 and has worked on the town hall previously.

The other bidder was Davis Custom Painting of Westport  Island, with a bid of $3,850. Selectmen and William Cooney, chairman of the town hall committee, agreed that the work would not commence until proof of insurance was provided and a contract was signed.

A matter between Westport Fire Department personnel and property owners Janet Thompson and Art Weber over the use of their pond for training and testing has been amicably resolved. Fire Chief Robert Mooney and Thompson explained the circumstances that led to a misunderstanding by all parties. 

In a letter written to the selectmen and the fire department by Thompson and Weber, the property owners wrote: “We fully support the use of the water in our pond by the Westport Island Volunteer Fire Department in any fire emergency.”  The property owners added that they also support the use of their pond for department training and equipment testing.  

The matter arose when fire department personnel did not notify the owners in advance of the routine activity. In their letter to the town, the property owners asked that the fire department notify them in advance about “dates and times of testing and training exercises.” Thompson said their pond is one acre and can run dry in the summer.

Explaining that the parties involved had recently held a “lengthy and amicable conversation,” Mooney stated that “There are no hard feelings between us.” Agreeing, Thompson added: “We are still operating on a handshake basis.”

Both Mooney and Thompson called attention to the need for the island to identity other ponds that could become dry wells in the future.  Selectmen George Richardson said, “We’re working on identifying more than one pond as a resource.” Mooney will contact the planning board about creating ordinances that will address fire department needs.

A tour of the island’s historically significant cemeteries will take place on Saturday, Sept. 23 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. The tour will form as a caravan starting at the town hall and will visit eight locations. Coffee, water, baked goods and sandwiches will be served.