Wiscasset public safety departments plan council

Posted:  Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 8:00am

The Wiscasset Public Safety Services (Police, Fire and EMS) are pleased to announce they are in the planning phases to form the Wiscasset Public Safety Advisory Council (WPSAC).  The purpose is to enhance the three departments’ cooperative working relationship with the citizens and business owners of Wiscasset.

WPSAC will allow the community to better understand law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services; it will also assist with concerns of public safety requirements, issues and needs. To this end, the Public Safety Advisory Council is devoted to facilitating the flow of ideas on all of the public safety services to continue improvement of citizens’ quality of life.

Other responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  1. Review and advise the departments’ chiefs on policy and procedures.
  2. Generate community interest and involvement in crime prevention, community-oriented policing, fire safety, emergency medical services, and other quality of life issues for the town.
  3. Improving communications regarding new legislation.
  4. Securing resources such as Lincoln County Recovery Collaborative, Red Cross, and other civic/social organizations.
  5. Identifying and analyzing financial burdens and improving the departments’ revenue.
  6. Assist in the departments’s strategic planning.

The council will have nine to 11 members, including one member from each public safety department, one or two Wiscasset youth  (under 18 years of age), and the remaining members being limited to town residents and/or business owners who are not town employees, nor have any direct relationship with any of the public safety departments. We are looking for diversity in our applicants.  Commitment for the Council is for two years and meetings will be held monthly. Applications will soon be available at the police department and town office as well as on the town website at www.wiscasset.org/departments/police_department/.  Applications will be due by the close of business on March 6, or until the seats are filled.

For more information, please email Chief@wiscassetpd.org