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What was that siren and why were the cops driving like bats out of hell? How did the town vote last night, and what is its significance? Is it a snow day today? Who won the game? Where shall we eat tonight? What's on stage?

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Penobscot Bay Pilot launched in Camden Sept. 12, 2010, gathering, reporting and sharing the news, business and culture of Knox and Waldo counties.

Penobscot Bay Pilot maximizes the online experience with free access to local news, events and information by creating, curating and publishing timely and interactive content. The Pilot fosters new ways to contribute and share content on its site and across social networks, connecting businesses with consumers, and reaching readers who are on the go. Penobscot Bay Pilot's mission is to be the leading online destination for residents in Knox and Waldo counties, Maine visitors, summer residents and those passionate about our creative and vibrant area — whether they are in two miles up the road or half-way around the world — establishing a hub for citizen engagement.

The Pilot's innovative platform offers a variety of creative tools to stimulate commerce, from traditional advertising to the Pilot Affiliate program, which, with its generous posting abilities, allows businesses to immediately tailor unique messages to valued customers.

The Penobscot Bay Pilot combines the best of traditional newspapers with an evolving Internet, reaching active readers on the go – on the ferry, downtown, at the lake, on the plane. It is journalism built by a corps of strong, curious and committed writers, photographers, videographers and columnists, all of whom are closely connected with their communities -- the arts, culture, sports, town offices, enterprise and life. Our writers are based in Belfast, Camden, Rockport and Rockland, and have decades of journalism experience and involvement with their communities.

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