Bring back planner job

Posted:  Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 9:00am

Dear Editor:

Wiscasset's future is in our hands! On Thursday, Aug. 24 we will again have the opportunity to bring back our town planner position. Many of us understand the importance of this position to the town. The town planner is necessary in bringing new business to our community as well as helping existing businesses grow. Our previous town planner was working on numerous grants to bring dollars to the town for various needs. 

While many citizens of Wiscasset only complain about their property taxes being increased, we need to be looking to increasing our tax base through new businesses and new residents ... which works hand-in-hand.
If Wiscasset is to thrive, let alone survive, please attend this town meeting and help bring back this valuable position!
Wiscasset's future is in our hands, but we need the help of another pair.
Brad Sevaldson