’Round Town


Posted:  Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 9:30am

Heretofore unavailable results of Mitchell's Rorschach test have surfaced, and it's confirmed — massive inconsistencies, but an unwitting willingness to try.

Although this may come as a shock to some the above photo is a normal and recurring image. It's merely a view of the reflection of the Catholic Church, floating on the water near the Atlantic Edge pier.

It was a fine late evening along the waterfront. The smells of fish and ocean drew me to the east side town pier. The sun had set, pretty much. I parked my trusty stead in a designated spot and took in the evening air. It was full. The tide was about half and Harbor lights were beginning to glow deep colors on the water. And there it was.

The upside down refection of the Catholic Church, floating on the water, abstracting itself like a mobile Kandinsky. How could I refuse?

I'd seen this before, the church on the water, set in motion by the wakes of passing boats. But,

mostly just as an observer. This time I had a camera.

I grew up Catholic, and in some ways the distorted image reminded me that I should be careful about overthinking these reflections.

At any rate, you can see for yourself, when the water is right.

***Please note: This is a very massaged photo. I used every trick I know to render it. Due to the low light, its angle on the water and the water's movement, the image was constantly blending and elusive. Too much information, I know, but my mother always said I had an overactive imagination. Bless her heart.