Heartwood’s online raffle open through July 10

Support local and dream beyond!
Fri, 06/26/2020 - 8:00am

We're offering something a little different this year - bet you're not surprised!

Featured in this year's online raffle are 50 local businesses, most of whom generously support Heartwood each season, as advertisers and sponsors. Our gratitude to them - and to another 50 local businesses who join them in our Season Program runs deep. At a time when so very many businesses are struggling, we're delighted with this chance to give back a little of the support they've shown to us, over the years.

Heartwood purchased two $50 gift certificates from each of these 50 businesses and grouped them into five unique $500 shopping sprees. And ... we'll be drawing not one, but two winners for each shopping spree! (That's ten $500 shopping sprees, in all.)

But wait - there's more!

We all still need to dream, and over the past several years of vacation raffles, your purchases have proven Ireland to be among your sweetest dreams. So ... we've brought back the gracious Early Victorian Currarevagh House, nestled in County Galway, Ireland - where the owners have generously offered to leave an open window for booking. No expiration date ... you can dream now, travel later!

Although our ability to provide theater education and performance is curtailed for a time, your ticket purchase will help us keep moving forward. We wish you well and eagerly await the day when we can enjoy live theater together once more.

Check out the details at raffle.heartwoodtheater.org