letter to the editor

Bring back Stephanie Hawke

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 4:30pm

    Dear Editor:

    We are supporting Stephanie Hawke to return as our state representative. In her previous two terms she demonstrated the ability to think independently on the issues and the courage to stand up against political pressure to do otherwise. She is a businesswoman who understands the issues her constituents face from the inside. She has worked hard for years to support and provide leadership to our schools, and serve those in need through local nonprofits.

    Stephanie has an open door policy which is evidenced by the stream of people coming in and out of Hawke Motors on a regular basis. She is action oriented and results driven. She puts her constituents' needs first, always asking what she can do to help.

    Let's put Stephanie's energy back to work for our community and our state in Augusta.

    Bill and Lori Bailey