3. Why is the BRMF mission important to the Boothbay Region?

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Thu, 09/02/2021 - 8:45am

The Piers Project FAQs

Question 3. Why is the BRMF mission important to the Boothbay Region?

HERITAGE. The Boothbay region is made up of several historic fishing villages with a rich maritime heritage. The fishing community and its infrastructure are a critical part of the fabric that makes Boothbay Harbor such a special place for residents and visitors. It is important to preserve this unique culture and share it with others. The best way to learn about our fishing heritage is to see it in action. A safe wharf and buying station with informational displays will help to accomplish that.

STATE AND FEDERAL FUNDS. Replacing these piers and the fishing-related businesses that will utilize them, will bring over $5M dollars in valuable infrastructure to our town. Many of these funds come in the form of state and federal grants that could very easily have gone somewhere else. Instead, BRMF will secure them to the benefit of our local community, at no expense to the taxpayer.

DIVERSE ECONOMY. There are currently more than 100 commercial fishing boats in the Boothbay region. Our sheltered, deep water harbors provide fishermen with a safe place to secure their boats and land their catch. Lobsters and other species of fish and shellfish are plentiful and provide year-round employment for fishermen. Fishing and related businesses help to diversify our tourism dependent economy.

SECURING RESOURCES IN PERPETUITY. Of the 5,300 miles of shoreline in the state of Maine, only 20 miles are currently available for commercial fishing. There are only 8 miles of protected working water- front in the entire state of Maine. Pressure from development and the high value of waterfront property make it difficult for fishing-related businesses to compete. There are five buying stations in the Boothbay

region. Three are privately owned with no guarantee that they will continue to support commercial fishing into the future. BRMF’s mission, its participation in the Land for Maine’s Future Program, as well as requirements placed by Federal grants, will help ensure a robust fishing community in perpetuity with two piers accessible to fishermen. This cannot be accomplished by private for profit businesses.

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