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The Wiscasset Newspaper is a weekly newspaper chronicling the events and happenings in the towns of Wiscasset, Edgecomb, Woolwich, Dresden, Alna, Westport Island and the surrounding region.

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Let’s be Friends

Kevin Burnham • Editor

Kevin Burnham joined the Boothbay Register staff in June of 1987, became assistant editor in December 1987, then with title changes in the spring of 1988, became editor under the tutelage of managing editor Mary Brewer. Burnham has won many personal Maine Press Association and New England Press Association awards for writing, photography and design, and was part of a few general excellence staff awards. He is married to Melodee Burnham, and they have two grown children, Sara and Timothy, and two grandchildren, Ella and Kayla. He is an honorary Rotarian, has coached high school basketball for a combined 18 years, and has been involved in youth sports off and on for over 30 years. He was born and raised in Boothbay Harbor, graduated from Boothbay Region High School in 1975, studied journalism at University of Maine, and has four brothers and two sisters. He enjoys family, writing, reading and photography.

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 112 • Cell: 207-844-4626

Editor Kevin Burnham

 Susan Johns • Assistant Editor

Susan Johns has covered a disturbing number of homicides, but these days she’s happy interviewing someone who takes in a wayward ram, brings life back into a local landmark, or helps jail inmates find another path. Johns’ news reporting has been recognized by Maine Media Women and Maine Press and New England Newspaper & Press associations. She started out in radio news while earning her bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Southern Maine. She came to prefer print work for the fuller story it can tell. When Johns isn’t working, she’s all about her family and her horses. Her future plans include starting a campaign against winter.

Office/Cell: 207-844-4633

Assistant Editor Susan Johns

Lisa Kristoff • Arts & Entertainment Editor

Lisa Kristoff began writing for the Boothbay Register part-time in 1999. In August 2006, Lisa was offered the position of assistant editor. In July of 2013, Lisa was offered a newly created position, that of arts and entertainment editor. Lisa, a writer since the age of 12, completed two years at a community college, 10 years after high school graduation in the early 1970s, earning a publications certificate, but not a degree.

Lisa has won both first and third place awards from the Maine Press Association in 2013 and a second place award in 2014. Also in 2014, Lisa was awarded a first place award for Arts & Entertainment reporting by the New England Press and Newspaper Association.

She has two grown daughters, Kassia and Melanie, and a granddaughter, Xaviera. Lisa lives with her “guy,” a Shih tzu named Merlyn and two felines, Cleo(patra) and Pyewackett. Outside the office, Lisa writes short stories, has outlined a murder mystery novel and has completed a children's book manuscript. Lisa enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, gardening, listening to classical, blues and pagan music, and sipping a glass (or two) of wine.

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 122 • Cell: 207-380-1502

Arts and Entertainment Editor Lisa Kristoff

Bill Pearson • Reporter

Bill Pearson began working at the Boothbay Register in June 2014. He previously worked at weekly newspapers in Ellsworth, Dover-Foxcroft, Newport and Calais. He has received several mentions in the Maine Press Association for his education, sports and feature writing. In 2012, he received first place for news feature photo. Pearson grew up in Corinna. He graduated from Nokomis Regional High School. He received a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from the University of Maine at Orono. He represented Corinna for one term on the SAD 48 board of directors. Pearson is an avid tennis player. Pearson has also attended the US Open in New York City. He's visited London. Pearson also had lunch with radio talk show host Howie Carr.

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 120 • Cell: 207-844-4634

Bill Pearson, staff reporter

Correspondents & Columnists

Comments or questions for columnists or freelance news contributors can be sent to

Kathy Frizzell  Sales Manager

Kathy Frizzell joined the advertising staff of the Boothbay Register and Wiscasset Newspaper in March 1992.  Born and brought up in Boothbay she graduated from Boothbay Region High School.  She has three grown children. When not working she enjoys spending time at the family camp in Beaver Cove, Maine, hunting, fishing, boating, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling  and hanging out with family and friends. She lives in Alna with the love of her life Bill and their golden retriever Kami.

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 107 • Cell: 207-844-4631

Kathy Frizzell

Sarah Morley  Sales Representative 

Sarah Morley joined the Boothbay Register staff in 2004 as an advertising sales representative.  She is the daughter of Thurlow "Butch" and Mary Brewer.  Sarah was born at St. Andrew's Hospital where just hours after her birth, her mother Mary was typing (with her infamous typewriter) notes from the latest selectmen's meeting.  She is thankful for technology and change since her current computer keyboard is much quieter than the thumping typewriters she grew up listening to.  She is a graduate of Boothbay Region High School and considers herself a "community loving local!"  Currently residing in East Boothbay, she is married to husband Andrew Morley and they have two children, Hannah and Nicholas. 

She is a previous member of the Boothbay Region Chamber of Commerce Board, and a current member of the  Maine Press Association and the Boothbay Region Community Resource Counsel boards.  She has lived on the water her whole life and enjoys fishing, boating and traveling the state watching her kids do activities! 

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 113 • Cell: 207-844-4630

Sarah Morley

Dave Parkhurst   Community Engagement

Dave Parkhurst joined the Boothbay Register staff in January 2015, after 25 years in marine research, 3 years with a local engineering firm and 13 years as a real estate broker.  Dave was born in Belfast, Maine and moved to Boothbay Harbor as a 1 year old, graduated from Boothbay Region High School in 1971 and has a degree in Marine Science from Southern Maine Community College.  Dave is married to his wife Cathie and they have two grown children, Kate and Jordan, and two granddaughters.  in his leisure time, Dave enjoys family activities, sports and travel and has been a certified high school and college basketball official since 1977.

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 116


Steve Edwards   Graphic Artist

Steve Edwards joined the Boothbay Register staff in February of 2016 as a Graphic Designer with
20+ years experience. Steve's responsibilities include, advertisement design, layout of the newspaper and special publications and designing web ads. He resides in Boothbay with his daughter Suzie, dog Tucker and 2 kitty cats. He was born in Framingham Massachusetts and grew up in Natick, Mass until 1987 when his family moved to Boothbay. He is a 1991 graduate of Boothbay Region High School. He enjoys all Boston Sports teams, photography, playing guitar, saxophone and singing, good beer and spending all his free time with his daughter.


Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 117

Steve Edwards

Pat Schmid   Business Manager

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 104


Robin Ford • Business Services

Billing, Subscriptions, Classifieds

Office: 207-633-4620, ext. 114