Palette Knife Painting Success!

Fri, 09/01/2023 - 9:15am

Story Location:
443 Hendricks Hill Road
The Barn
Southport, ME 04576
United States

The creative juices were flowing last Friday morning here at the Barn as students painted their masterpieces! Painting with a palette knife instead of a brush challenges students to give up a degree of control and be selective about their mark making.

Experimenting with color and texture, everyone was able to create very expressive and lively ocean landscapes. Although the act of painting is exciting in and of itself, it is even more exciting at the end of class to see what the others around you have created. You get so caught up with what you yourself are painting that you don’t even notice the beautiful pieces coming together around you.

Everyone’s final images are always so unique and we can't wait to see what other incredible creations will come out of our future workshops!

Next up we have Triangle Shawl Knitting September 8th and Watercolor Batik 21st. Check out our website for more info and sign up, call The Barn at 207-633-0402, or email with any questions. 

BIG thanks to teacher @studio.spence for leading an amazing workshop today!