Dining Guide


2024 Dining


by Susan Johns

It’s all about the food this year!

Past editions of Dining Guide have looked at the skilled people who make and serve the Midcoast’s scrumptious food, those who own and/or run the eateries, we patrons who get to enjoy the fruits (and everything else) of their labors, the Boothbay Region’s dining past, plus trends and more. And along the way, we always incorporate delectable dishes. But this time, we cut right to the chase – highlighting the lobster, haddock and other seafood and all the ways it is served around here, from the time-honored traditions to new dishes.

Besides the seafood are the steak, schnitzel, chicken and more, in ways you might or might not have had these classic pleasers.

And save room for dessert. Our sampling proves “just desserts” are not two words that should go together!

Enjoy our start to finish journey through deliciousness, then head to the eateries – because you can’t eat the pictures, tempting as it is.