Small Head Ted’s Latest Blog is Out.

Mon, 03/15/2021 - 1:30am

A Brand New, hard-hitting blog is out. This time it’s an excerpt from noted malcontent Small Head Ted’s diary - “Spaghetti Loves Liana.”

Here you go:

Dear Diarrhea,

These dummies can kiss my Farmington grits.

This place is so stupid. “Chez Salty” is so depressing and stupid. The only person I like is Liana. She’s the only one here who’s smart. I can’t believe she likes all these idiots. Why doesn’t she run away into the woods? I hope it’s not because of me. All Liana needs to do is give me the word. Hopefully she’ll bring a bunch of towels because I hate going out in the rain.

They don’t appreciate Liana. They keep demanding from her. They need to have dinner. DINNER DINNER DINNER. I NEED DINNER. I NEED BREAKFAST. I NEED THAT. I NEED HEADRUBS. I NEED YOU TO THROW A BALL. I WANT TO GET UP IN THE BED. I NEED TO CHASE A BALL. Ugh. What a bunch of pukes....

Want to read more? Just click this little link. I promise I won’t send you to a very bad site. This time.