Meet Lisa Carbone - A CRC profile

Fri, 09/10/2021 - 4:00pm

Lisa Carbone has been working with people impacted by physical problems, behavioral health challenges, addiction and substance dependence for over 25 years. She has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and trained as an alcohol and drug counselor since 1998. Throughout her career, she has preferred to work as a member of a team to collaborate with adults, youth, couples and families toward functional and quality of life improvement by optimizing overall health and wellness - which is her role as an Integrated Behavioral Health Clinician in the Family Care Center, LincolnHealth.

Lisa was born and raised in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Her involvement in the Boothbay Region schools, a family business, the YMCA, as well as community-based activities and local events throughout childhood provided her a broad range of experiences throughout the Boothbay Region. She is very pleased to have been able to return to her hometown and for her children to benefit from Boothbay Region High School’s academics and extracurricular programming as she had.

After graduating from Boothbay Region High School, Lisa earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree from University of Maine in Orono and worked with youth in a group home setting – which is where she began her appreciation of working as a team member toward assisting people to overcome life obstacles and adversity. Lisa returned to University of Maine and earned a Masters degree in Social Work, specializing in Health & Mental Health. Her collaborative work in healthcare settings began with an internship in Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Family Support Team where she began working with patients to improve their “mind-body connections” to promote improvement in physical and emotional well-being, overall functioning and ability to parent in healthy,safe ways.

Following graduate school and having enjoyed working with teenagers, Lisa had the opportunity to return to the same group home for the next decade as a clinical therapist, clinical supervisor, Director of Residential Programs and School-Based Day Treatment Clinical Supervisor. Lisa and a colleague eventually departed the group home, having formed a non-profit corporation where Lisa was a practicing administrator, providing clinical therapy treatment, consultation and collaborating with patients, families and medical providers. This transformed into more formalized work with the Maine General system and in 2011, Lisa became Maine General’s first Integrated Behavioral Health Coordinator, helping with the development of that system’s Integrated Behavioral Health services delivery model. It was during this work that she met a LincolnHealth Integrated Behavioral Health Clinician at a conference and, while talking about their mutual enjoyment of their work, Lisa mentioned that her job would be perfect if it was on the coast closer to where she grew up. It just so happened that Lisa’s current position as the Integrated Behavioral Health Clinician, Family Care Center, LincolnHealth, was open. To this day, Lisa and her children agree that it was an excellent decision to come home to the Boothbay Region. Her children both graduated with honors from BRHS in 2016 and 2018.

Lisa has served on a number of Private, Not-for-Profit Boards of Directors and enjoys volunteering in the communities that she lives in. Since returning to the Boothbay Region, Lisa found the Community Resource Council as a Food for Thought Volunteer Driver – and they have not been able to get rid of her since. She continues to volunteer for the Community Resources Council as a Board member, is on the Governance and Executive committees and works closely with Holly Stover, Addiction Outreach Program Lead. Lisa has been a founding member of the Hope and Resilience Steering Committee to further suicide prevention and resource awareness and is involved in the Lincoln County Recovery Coalition. Lisa is a Living Well Group Facilitator, a REACH (Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health in the Community) trained clinician, an Integrated Medically Assisted Treatment Clinician, facilitates therapeutic opioid recovery groups and has worked with students and staff in Boothbay Region High School and Boothbay Region Elementary School. She has provided trainings in topic areas that include: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); Mindfulness; Team Building; Professional Ethics; Co-Occurring Conditions; De-escalation of Agitated Patients; Crisis Intervention; Case Management; Adolescent Substance Abuse Symptoms, Diagnosis, Intervention and Treatment; Children of Alcohol and Drug Abusers Symptoms and Treatment.

Lisa has always found a way to work with youth – especially teenagers, who she believes teach her as much as she teaches them. Through the Family Care Center (FCC), Lisa provides support and skill-building for children and teens experiencing challenges with change, stress/anxious distress, relationships, loss, conflict, depression, difficulties in school, family challenges, substance abuse, health concerns, fears and their troubles that interfere with functioning and quality of life. Her sessions with youth tend to be action-oriented, supporting them to identify what they are struggling with, how it is causing problems and how to use their interests, talents, resources, peers and adults in their lives toward achieving their goals and celebrating their awesomeness. Lisa is available to children in the Family Care Center and electronically through Zoom Telehealth when they are not able to get to the FCC. Youth gain access to Lisa’s services through a referral from their Primary Care Provider or the LincolnHealth School Health Center at BRHS and are typically seen within a week from referral.

Outside of work, Lisa is family-focused and tries to keep track of two “children” who are both college students. She moonlights at Eventide and enjoys being outside. Lisa loves to cook, walk with her energetic dog, run, refinish furniture, travel, make shiny objects and spend time with loved ones.