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Tue, 03/26/2024 - 11:15pm

Marz, like every Labrador, gets one brain cell a month until he's seven. Then he'll lose one a month.

That's why the vet said Big Dumb Buddy started peeing all over the carpet when he was fifteen- a negative number of brain cells. I'M JOKING, you mirthless soul-suckers. PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME IF YOU GET IRATE AT STUPID STUFF I WRITE.

Smart-ass physicists like to remind us that Buddy did NOT have negative braincells. His braincells were either moving backwards in time or in a dimension that experiences negative energy.

Regardless, Marz has been making strange faces at me all the time. Especially when he's asked something he doesn't understand.

For example, I'll say, "Marz..." and start a question that starts in a low tone and ends in a high tone. I'll also cock my head at him like a dog not understanding and stare right in his eyes.

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