Under the same moon

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 3:45pm

David Hinton, a Vermont-based Guggenheim winner and scholar of ancient Chinese poetry, observes that the pictograph for “friends” in those poems is a stylized image of two crescent moons.

As the moon in our same sky narrows down to the new moon of November, we were thinking about his characterization that the fullness of friendship is as fellow watchers of the sky, whether sharing the moment together or, like the loom of a distant lighthouse, from “somewhere, out there” as little Fievel observes.

Here at Spruce Point Inn, as the year narrows down to its closed-up crescent, we too, watch the sky as we walk back from tucking in Brightline for her winter on the hard. And each corner we turn reminds us of the work to come as we prepare for another season. We’re thinking of you as we do so. Hospitality is all about preparing for the warmth and laughter to come. Like the upcoming New England Thanksgiving feast, there is satisfaction in the results, and as tasty even if we dine alone. But, as Chef tells us, as his culinary team seeks out the locally fished, farmed and gathered, their goal is that moment we know that the people we’re cooking for delight in what we’ve served. Read more... (Image courtesy David Marx Photography)