letter to the editor

Trump’s all-star Cabinet

Mon, 04/22/2024 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor: 

I would like to respond to a recent letter stating that former Trump Cabinet members would not back him for President. First, I will not disparage Vice President Pence or AG William Barr. Of the names listed they had the integrity to work with the Trump Administration even in hard times. Cabinet members must be team players. They can offer dissenting views but when a decision is made, you need to follow the plan or resign. The names mentioned were mostly from the President’s earliest Cabinet. Most mentioned were not team players and John Bolton wore out his shoes racing to CNN Sunday shows. Yes CNN, whose total viewership could be placed in a London phone booth. 

You may ask, why such a dysfunctional Cabinet? Consider this. Before President Trump was even sworn in, the FBI and DOJ were plotting a political coup. Hillary and the DNC were funding Fusion GPS to create a Trump Russian dossier. Comey and the FBI leaked the dossier to the press. Illegally obtained FISA warrants gave the FBI and DOJ free reign to investigate any human affiliated with Donald Trump. Any regular politician would have called it quits, but not Trump.  

President Trump put in place an all-star Cabinet with Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State), Steven Mnuchin (Secretary of Treasury), Wilbur Ross (Secretary of Commerce), Eugene Scalia (Secretary of Labor), Ben Carson (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development) and many more. With their help, Trump gave us energy independence, low inflation, prosperity in the minority communities, a more secure southern border, a stable foreign policy and the Abraham Accords.  

Now the Democrats are pushing their “Venezuelan-style” government by utilizing the courts to take down their political opponents. Half the country will still vote for Trump even if he is sworn in while residing at Danbury Prison. 

Brian Adams